911 Memorial

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I have added Photo Galleries to the web site.
This has allowed me to add hundreds of new photos of my artwork.
Although the old photo pages will remain on the site indefinitely,
I recommend going to Photo Galleries to view the latest pictures.

The picture on the left is a replica of the famous 
photograph taken at the rubble of the Twin Towers 
of the World Trade Center in New York City on 9/11/2001.

It is a copyrighted photograph. Written permission was granted only 
if I agreed to paint the picture exactly like the original photograph.  

Note: I spent 4 hours just painting the background rubble.  
As I worked my way down the painting, the rubble became less and less
 defined until it was nothing but gray, as tall as the firemen themselves.

It helped me realize more vividly that this was the cloud of concrete 
and asbestos dust that these heroes worked in every day for months.
It had great significance for me, especially having been raised in New York.

911 Memorial.jpg (77202 bytes)    911AngelFirefighter.jpg (73009 bytes)

The Photo on the right is adapted from an Ice Sculpture by Darlene Racicot.

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